Polished Nail Technology, Level One -Two Week Course


Schedule document how the school integrates both academic and practical learning and the both precede student advancing to the student salon to serve clients.


DAY #1:                     3 Hours Interactive Lecture; 5 Hours Lab

Orientation:                Reintroduction to OSHA, HIPPA, EPA, and Physical Safety Level 1

Orientation:                7.5 Hours Lab: Product knowledge, and new information for MSDS            

NOTES:                      Manicure and Pedicure Procedures, Practical

Assignment:                Test: Chapter 2 and 3

DAY #2:                      8 Hours Interactive Lecture

LP 2.0:                        Life Skills

LP 3.0:                        Your Professional Image

DVD:                           Interactive video in gaining revenue through social media. Discussion

Notes:                         Information Reinforcement, Marketing Strategies (online and grass-root)

Assignment:                 Read Chapter 4, 30, and 31

DAY #3:                       8 Hours Interactive Lecture

LP 4.0:                         Communicating for Success

DVD:                           Reputation, Business Development

LP 5.0:                         Infection Control

LP 3.0:                         Seeking Employment

Notes:                         Create an employment portfolio for your business

Assignment:                  Stare assigned project; Read Chapters 32

DAY #4:                       8 Hours Interactive lecture

LP: 31.0                       On-The-Job

LP: 32.0                       The Salon Business

Notes:                          Test Topics. Learning reinforcement techniques.

Assignment:                  Develop Business Portfolio

DAY #5:                        Hours Lab: Portfolio Project Presentation

Note:                            Read Chapters 18, and 19

Assignment:                   State Board Exam



DAY #1:                        4 Hours Interactive Lecture; 4 hour Lab

Lab:                              Practical, Discussion, Review

Assignment:                   Read Chapters 8, and 25

DAY #2:                        8 Hours Interactive Lecture

DVD:                             Safety and Sanitation

LP 28.0                         Manicuring and Sanitation

Procedure:                     manicure table set-up, handling blood during a manicure, reflexology and massage, post-service procedure                                                                      

Assignment:                 The WORST Pedicure

DAY #3:                       2 Hours Interactive Lecture; 6 Hours Lab

LP:                               Test

LP:                               Product Comparison, inventory, and pricing.

Procedure:                    Artificial Enhancements

Assignments:                 3 clients

DAY #4:                       2 Hours Interactive Lecture; 6 Hours Lab

LP 27.0                        Nail Tips and Wraps and Sanitation

LP 28.0                        Acrylic Product usage, Practical, Discussion

LP 29.0                        Gel Nails

LAB:                             3 clients

Notes:                          Q&A

DAY #5:                       3 Hours Interactive Lecture; 5Hours Lab

EXAM PREP:                  Competency Evaluation

Grade Out:                   Advancing Students

Assignment:                  Documentation