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Polished Nail Boutique & Academy is a not-for-profit black owned and family operated institution established in 2014 in Chicago, Illinois.


Our mission is to provide a creative, clean, and safe environment to a culturally diverse and career orientated student, to promote career based curriculum  that focus on developing students into professionals and lifelong entrepreneurs.


In support of PNA mission the institution is based in the urban community to reach high school, low income and unemployed people to enhance their knowledge, teach a trade and to provide guidance in every way possible with the desired outcome of creating jobs and other opportunities in the community.


Polished Nail Boutique & Academy was established in the heart of Gary, Indiana in 2006.After much success the establishment relocated to Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood in 2014.


In October 2015 Polished Nail Boutique & Academy moved to its current location Buck Town/Logan Square neighborhood to expand into the state of the art nail education Training in Nail Services and Business Practices in our training facility.

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